Our goal is to honor the integrity of Central Coast farming and provide our supporters with the best local wine possible.

We were raised locally in Santa Barbara County. Our mentors taught us to treat the land as you would treat family. We proudly support environmental enthusiasm and encourage you to spend your free time time outside learning why we think it's so great. Celebrate and protect nature, through recreation or volunteerism. We hope to inspire long game thinking about how communities and business treat the environment.

We see the entire world being connected by oceans and we celebrate coastal living daily.

Santa Barbara County is connected to the Pacific along its entire western and southern borders. The unique soils here are made of old Sea Creatures. We grow vines on ancient sand dunes and fossilized sea floors. There is a kindred pace to beach culture throughout the world, and the Pacific is deeply entwined with life here. Its shapes the coast, controls the weather and serves as a source of food and recreation.

Ranchers surf here. Same with accountants and teachers. Some locals never go back to their jobs and spend all day at the beach. They are the chosen ones, omniscient, and should be showered with the finest sunblocks. We call our Pinot Noir "pinot gnar" (när) to lightheartedly honor our beach sand covered roots and to remind us what makes Santa Barbara County so great. We make very serious wine, but we have fun doing it authentically. We are determined to preserve the original spirit of true Santa Barbara County Wine Country. No snobs, more fun.

We enjoy meeting and discussing wine with all wine enthusiasts and professionals. We uphold our winemaking standards to the highest level possible and we are a certified Zero Snobbery Winery.

These thoughtfully crafted wines are a cumulative effort between the husband and wife team of Jesse and Avery Cloutier. Both Jesse and Avery grew up in Santa Barbara County. Partnering with premier vineyards from our hometowns in Santa Barbara County, we deliver you the best wine that this area has to offer.

Jesse started working at wineries here locally in 2008 during his junior year of college. Avery joined the industry a few years later. After college and working harvests throughout Sonoma County, SLO County and Australia, they returned home and met while working at neighboring ranches (Foxen Winery & Zaca Mesa Winery). These families and experiences gave Sea Creatures the reef to attach its roots.

All of our vineyards are located within the borders of Santa Barbara County. These specific sites are places we personally connect with. These vines all have exposure to ocean elements. You can see and smell the sea from some of these vineyards. We make wine from biodynaimcally, organically and sustainably farmed vineyards in Orcutt and Los Alamos. We also lease a vineyard located on a ranch near Gaviota. Jesse manages the farming there, growing Pinot Noir, Grenache, Syrah, and Viognier. You'll find these Rhône varieties in our Là Bas collection.

The grapes were fermented and cellared in Los Olivos and Santa Maria originally, but in 2024 we moved into a new facility in Buellton, CA. Having a central winery with everything close allows us to check the entire operation daily without wasting resources.

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